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10 Fake Disney News Stories (And Real Disney Rumors) – PNP Disney Podcast Episode #59

It’s “fake news,” Disney-style in this episode of our affiliate podcast, Pirates ‘N Princesses.

This episode is nothing but scuttlebutt, speculation and facetiousness. Recorded on April 1, none of this news should be taken as being true, except for the Disney rumors we speculate upon at the end. Those might actually have a grain of truthiness to them!

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Free Disney Dining Forever

Not only is Disney doing Free Dining in 2017, they’re doing free dining forever. Or are they?

Dreamfinder is Returning to the Imagination Pavilion in Epcot

Is Disney bringing back Dreamfinder? Will they put everything back exactly as it was in 1983? And if not, what will happen to the Imagination Pavilion once it receives a much-needed refurbishment?

Horizons Returns to Epcot

Let’s party like it’s 1989. Hot on the heels of the announcement that Dreamfinder will be coming back, Disney announces that they plan to rebuild Horizons.

Rapunzel Bathroom Character Dining

Not content with mere photo opportunities, Disney might be expanding their character dining experiences to the incredibly well-themed Rapunzel bathrooms. Care for a mint?

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Entertainment Earth

Four New Stops for the Walt Disney World Railroad

Disney is buying Hasbro. What does that mean for the WDW Railroad?

Michael Eisner is Replacing Bob Iger as Disney CEO

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Disney is bringing back Eisner and already planning a full slate of direct-to-video sequels.

Pandora is Cancelled Due to Cultural Insensitivity

The Na’vi feel that they’re been exploited by Disney, and in a brave move, Disney has cancelled all plans for Pandora.

Apple is Buying Disney and Changing the Carousel of Progress

Apple visionary Steve Jobs is coming to a revamped Carousel of Progress that challenges Guests to think different.

Marvel Land is Coming to Walt Disney World

But don’t expect Spider-Man. The deal calls for Disney to utilize several D-list characters to headline this new park.

Captain America Added to The American Adventure

The only A-lister Disney could wrangle the rights back to is good ol’ Captain America, who will punch his way through American history. Cap and Bucky will replace Ben Franklin and Mark Twain. Because they’re old and irrelevant to today’s kids.


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