35 To Epcot 35: Day 27 – Canada Pavillion

Epcot Center 35th Anniversary on October 1, 2017

Recognizable for its iconic Hotel du Canada, a Victorian-style centerpiece fashioned after the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, the Canada pavilion is one of the first landmarks guests see as they enter The World Showcase (or last if traveling clockwise). The attraction features three totem poles, including the 1998 addition of a wooden totem carved by David A. Boxley that depicts three stories of the raven and the sky chief.

Another Totem

Other noticeable aspects of the pavilion are the Victoria Gardens, inspired by the Butchart Gardens and the Canadian mountain formation with “Horseshoe Falls” waterfall.

Fun Historic Facts

  • The Walt Disney Company originally approached the Canadian government for financial support in constructing the attraction in exchange for creative input on the design and layout.
    • They were turned down due to concerns with stereotyping (Disney wanted lumberjacks)
  • Original plans envisioned a main street separating the attraction into two sides –French and English Canada.
  • Several performing groups have been featured guests of the Canada pavilion, including The Caledonian Pipe Band, Off Kilter, and The Canadian Lumberjacks.
  • During the holiday season, the Canadian Holiday Voyagers perform.


O Canada!:

Located in the Maple Leaf Mine, O Canada! is a 360° circle-vision movie that presents scenes of Canadian landscapes and cities. Originally filmed in 1979, it was updated in 2007 to remove outdated material and add a new host, Canadian-born actor Martin Short. Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila also performs a remake of the film’s theme song, “Canada (You’re a Lifetime Journey).” New footage was filmed in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Niagara Falls, and Vancouver.


Le Cellier Steakhouse:

Located in the Hotel du Canada and fashioned after a wine cellar, Le Cellier Steakhouse –formerly Le Cellier Cafeteria –is a sit down restaurant that features steak, seafood, and popular Canadian wines and beer. For guests with more strict time restraints, the Canadian pavilion offers a popcorn cart that also sells soda and lagers.

Trapper Bob’s BeaverTails

  • Before 2004, guests could order the featured Beaver Tail, a flat pastry resembling a donut. Unfortunately, this stand is no longer open.


Northwest Mercantile:

Located at the trading post, the Northwest Mercantile offers apparel, accessories, toys and plush as well as pins, Vinylmation, NHL, wilderness and Christmas merchandise.

Did You Know?

There are three Hidden Mickeys in the Canada Pavilion?!?

Inside the Northwest Mercantile, a Mickey can be found painted on the fish hanging from a crate.

A hidden Mickey can be found near the elbow of a set of arms, at the top of the largest totem pole just outside of the Northwest Mercantile.

Inside Le Cellier Steakhouse, on the top center rack in the wine storage room, is a set of three wine bottles forming the shape of Mickey.


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