35 To Epcot 35: Day 32 – CommuniCore West


Epcot Center 35th Anniversary on October 1, 2017

CommuniCore was a two part pavilion dedicated to technology and progress.  It was located in the two semi-circular buildings behind Spaceship Earth, which are now called Innoventions.  Opening in 1982 with Epcot, they were meant do be a “hub” and the location and appearance indicated this.  The purpose of CommuniCore was to educate the public about computers.  Back then most people didn’t have access to computers like they do today and the internet was around, but not in the capacity we know it today.

Today we look at CommuniCore West.  This was the side that led to The Living Seas, The Land, and Journey into Imagination.

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CommuniCore West was the home of several attractions.  We are going to take a look at what used to be there in this article.

FutureCom was once located in the West side of CommuniCore and was sponsored by Bell System in the beginning and later sponsorship went to AT&T.  FutureCom was a large communications themed area with several attractions including:

  • The Information Fountain– It was “fountain” display composed of information media like telephones, televisions, radios, film, books, magazines and more.

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  • The Age of Information– This was a large mural with moving wooden figures.  Computers and games surrounded the area and allowed guests to simulate how long distance calls worked.  A game called Phaser would speak words guests would enter on a keyboard.

  • A-mazing Microchip– A microchip themed maze

  • The Intelligent Network– A giant 20X30 foot map of the United States utilizing fiber optics to display long distance telephone routes.
  • Teleconferencing– Guests watching monitors would be filmed and sent to a cast member, who would reply to them via video simultaneously.  Yes.  Back then this was revolutionary!
  • Face-to-Face– Interactive colored pictophone

Expo Robotics was a show featuring robotic arms (like they use in manufacturing) doing different things.  The “star” of the show was a robot named Pixel that performed with a circus theme.

As part of this exhibit there were also Portrait Robots that would draw you or T-shirt Robots that would airbrush Disney characters onto t-shirts.

Expo Robotics later became the Walt Disney Imagineering Labs, but those closed in 1997.  Then in 1998 it reopened in 1998 as Ice Station Cool, and then it was again converted into what is now Club Cool in 2000.  Ice Station Cool also offered samples of Coke products from around the world, but it has a snow theme with the entrance being an ice tunnel that swirled snow.

EPCOT Outreach was an area that featured concept art and plans for future Epcot attractions and pavilions.  There was also an area where you could buy some souvenirs or take a pamphlet.

One very neat thing that CommuniCore West had was a Teacher Center.  Here educators could buy study guides and materials for lessons.

Exhibits weren’t the only things located in CommuniCore West.  There was also a restaurant on that side as well.  The Sunrise Terrace Restaurant.

Later the Sunrise Terrace would later be divided into the Pasta Piazza and the Fountainview Expresso and Bakery.  Pasta Piazza was closed in 2001 and sat empty until 2006 when it was converted into the Epcot Character Connection (now the Epcot Character Spot.)

Do you remember CommuniCore West?  Comment and let us know!

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