7 of Our Favorite Walt Disney World Table Service Restaurants


When you visit a Disney park the food service can be broken up into three catagories: Table Service, Counter (Quick) Service, and Snack or Cart Service.  If you get a Disney dining plan it’s usually divided up by these catagories.

Disney does not disappoint in it’s number of options and it’s delicious food.  Here are 7 of our favorite table service restaurants at Walt Disney World (in no particular order.)

#1. Sci-fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

Located at Hollywood Studios, this restaurant is fun and unique! The dining area is situated in front of a giant movie screen and the tables look like cars. There are tables that sit like normal seating, with chairs across facing each other, or you could be placed in the seating that looks like a front and back seat of a car (our favorite.)

(photo from Disney Parks)


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Here is a bit of what you can expect

While you dine clips of old sci-fi films play on the “drive-in” movie screens. It’s a lot of fun!

The neat environment isn’t the only thing that makes this one special. The food is also out of this world!  Make sure you try the Key Lime Milkshake and the Candy Bar dessert!!  You can check out the Menu HERE.

Key Lime Milkshake
House Made Sci-Fi Candy Bar

# 2 Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree Tavern is located in the Liberty Square area of the Magic Kingdom.

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What makes this place special is it’s New England colonial feel.  It’s like stepping back into history. There are two floors. We’ve been on both and they are both good places to sit.  Here you can see some of the upstairs dining area in the background.

Here is one of the downstairs rooms.  We’ve been in this one too and it’s really nice to people watch out the window.

(photo from Disney Parks)

There are two different experiences depending on whether you are going to lunch or dinner.  At lunch you can choose what you would like from a menu offering lots of choices, form pasta, to burgers, or turkey.

At dinner it’s a set menu (rotating seasonally) family style.  And it’s simply wonderful! Salad, rolls, turkey, ham, pork or beef, green beans or other seasonal vegetable, stuffing and potatoes (they are sooo good,) mac and cheese and a dessert. You can view the menu HERE

Here’s a look at the menu from one of our trips

Here are some photos from our last dinner there.

Liberty Tree in Magic Kingdom Liberty Tree in Magic Kingdom Liberty Tree in Magic Kingdom Liberty Tree in Magic Kingdom Liberty Tree in Magic Kingdom

#3 Tusker House

This is a character dining restaurant. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We prefer breakfast, and it’s nice if you can book it before the park opens.  But lunch and dinner are also very good.

This is a buffet style table service restaurant. Your server will bring you plates and drinks and then you can visit the large buffet stations to choose what you like.

Tusker House

While you dine Donald Duck and friends will visit you in safari garb.  We usually see Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Daisy.

Tusker House

Here is a video of the buffet area

Here you can see how the Dining Room looks

You can find more information on the food offering and menu HERE.

#4 Rose and Crown

This is our absolute favorite table service restaurant as a family! Located in the United Kingdom are of Epcot’s World Showcase, this is a full service pub and table service restaurant.

All the photos I’m going to share are from Disney because we haven’t taken any. We just go and are so excited about our food that we forget. It’s that good!

There is outdoor and indoor seating, as well as a pub.

(photo credit-Disney Parks)
(photo credit-Disney Parks)

The full menu can be found Here.

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