The Artists Palette Marketplace Offers Family Meal Kit


According to the Disney Parks Blog, there’s a new meal kit that Disney Vacation Club members can buy to make in their villa’s kitchen area.

This will be available for a limited time at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa.  They claim it’s “making it easier than ever to take advantage of a villa’s kitchen and dining area.”

For $49 (plus tax) guests can purchase this kit at the Artist’s Palette marketplace in the resort.  The meal kit for 4 (that’s right for 4) contains Rigatoni Fiesolana(just the name is worth $49), which is simply rigatoni pasta with creamy tomato sauce, sausage, parmesan, fresh basil and portabella mushrooms, a large garden salad and garlic bread sticks.  Then you take it back to your villa and bake it yourself.

So, for $49 you can buy this meal kit, or drive to Walmart and spend like $20 for the same ingredients.  And then, you have to cook it for yourself.

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I mean yeah, at Disney $49 is a “good deal” because you will pay that for a couple of plates at a table service restaurant, and this feeds 4 people.   So in that circumstance it’s a “deal.”   But $50 for one dinner that you have to cook yourself seems high.  I just keep thinking of all the time lost from having fun in the parks.  I would rather spend the $50 at a quick service (which is also incredibly overpriced) and not have to cook, not have to do dishes, and be right in the park already.  That way I’m not spending all the time driving to the villa, cooking, eating, cleaning up, and then going back into the parks or going to Disney Springs or having pool time or something.  I’m a mom.  I don’t go on vacation to cook.  Not for $50+ (after taxes) rigatoni.


Again, it’s all subjective.  I understand some people love to cook, even on vacation, and having a kitchen in the villas is a great perk.  I just think if you are going to cook and have a kitchen shop at Walmart, the Garden Grocer or even the Amazon Prime Now option.   Save your money for the overpriced already cooked food.

To be fair, my husband did point out that you will spend that much on 4 people with take out from some chain restaurants.  That’s a valid point.  The value is completely subjective.  To me, none of it is what I would call “value,” but I’m admittedly super cheap and use coupons for everything, even chain restaurant take-out.

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What do you think?  Is it a great idea?  Is it a good value?  Would you buy it?  Comment and let us know.

If you are cheap like me, take a look at my post on saving for Disney!  10 Ways to Save Money for Walt Disney World or Disney Land  and 7 Ways Kids Can Earn Money for Disney.  As always, travel agents like the one below this article, are amazing at finding you the BEST deals for your money.  So check that out!

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