Babymoon: 6 Tips for Visiting Disney World While Pregnant


Before planning any trip while pregnant, you should consult your doctor. My doctor and I spent an extensive amount of time discussing what attractions were appropriate for our trip. She and I went through exactly what attractions were appropriate and which attractions I should skip. This is definitely the most important step in planning a Disney Baby-Moon!
Select your resort based on where you’ll be spending the most time.

1 ) Select your resort based on where you’ll be spending the most time.
We knew that we would be spending the majority of our time at Epcot, and based on the promotion that had been released, The Boardwalk Inn made the most sense for our stay. We were in walking distance of Epcot, and best of all, if I was tired, we could take the boat back. This eased the burden of some of the physical demands of touring the parks. Don’t be afraid to make room requests. I called the resort 3 days prior to checking in and requested a room near the elevator. While these requests are not guaranteed, I mentioned that I was 6 months pregnant at the time and we were given a great room!

2) Plan your meals based on your pregnancy needs.
One of our favorite places to eat on property is O’hana at the Polynesian. However, the smell of shrimp during my pregnancy would induce instant nausea. We knew not to bother with O’hana on this trip, because no one wants to feel bad while at Disney. I also knew that I had to eat as soon as I got up in the morning. We made sure to trade in snack credits the night before for items that I could have for breakfast – croissants, muffins and my personal favorite – the cronut. I was also prepared with bananas and granola bars in case the need for a healthy snack arose in the park.

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3) Bring a water filter bottle.
Like most pregnant women, my taste buds were extra sensitive while pregnant. The free water at Disney doesn’t always taste the best and I don’t like buying bottled water. My Brita filter bottle was a lifesaver. It was lightweight and fit in the pocket on my backpack. It was easy to ask for a cup of water at a quick service location then dump it in my Brita bottle. It made drinking water in the parks much easier. Make sure to drink lots of water – especially if you’re traveling when it’s warm.

4) Don’t be afraid to check out places like Abracadabar or Trader Sam’s.
Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not advocating the consumption of alcohol while pregnant. The baby moon was our first opportunity to visit Trader Sam’s. It was a hoot, and best of all they have a variety of non-alcoholic drinks to make you feel like you’re in on the action! We sat at the bar, where the bartender could clearly tell I was pregnant. She made the experience fun and filled my non-alcoholic beverage with tons of tiny umbrellas, for the baby.

5) Plan time for the pool.
We made sure to leave extra time in our plans so that I could spend some time in the pool. Not only was it a relaxing way to get out of the heat and crowds of the park, but floating in the pool takes the pressure off of hips, knees and ankles. It was a great way to relax in the afternoon and stretch out all of my tired muscles. It’s amazing after a morning of walking how tired you are, and what spending some time in the pool can do to help you. By the evenings, I was ready to go again!

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6) Pick out a special souvenir for the baby.
Christmas is a big tradition in our family, so we took this trip as an opportunity to pick out the baby’s first ornament. The Germany pavilion in the World Showcase has beautiful blown glass ornaments that made the perfect keepsake. There are more obvious souvenirs for babies – stuffed animals, baby clothes and accessories and artwork. This year, when we got to put the ornament on the tree for the first time, we got to reminisce about our babymoon.

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Lucy-Kate Corker is a full time mom, part time librarian and an Affiliate of Academy Travel. She enjoys traveling, and enjoys going to Disney with her daughter, husband and parents.


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