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CONFIRMED – Darkwing Duck will be in new ‘DuckTales’ series

Whoo-oo! Darkwing Duck will be making an appearance on the new DuckTales series this fall.

The masked mallard’s appearance was confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con by executive producer Matt Youngberg and co-producer Francisco Angones. Concept art for DW appears in a sizzle reel, which also included a glimpse of his motorcycle, The Ratcatcher, and longtime nemesis Megavolt.

It’s unclear if Darkwing will become a semi-regular on the show, or if his episode will just be a one-off. Expect some shenanigans with Launchpad McQuack, or this appearance will be totally wasted.

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Maybe if we’re really lucky, we’ll also get an appearance by Gizmoduck.

The DuckTales reboot premieres August 12, 2017 on Disney XD.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

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