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‘Descendants 2’ Ratings: 13 Million Viewers Across Multiple Disney Channels

Descendants 2 racked up an impressive 13 million viewers across six Disney-owned channels on Friday night.

The sequel to the original Descendants movie follows the offspring of some of Disney’s most famous (or is that infamous) villains.

According to Deadline Hollywood, it was Friday’s #1 scripted telecast, with almost half of the viewers tuning in on The Disney Channel. Other channels that aired Descendants 2 include Disney XD, Freeform, ABC, Lifetime and Lifetime Movies. The multi-channel strategy paid off for Disney, as they reached more than twice the audience of the first movie, which only aired on The Disney Channel.

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Descendants 2 also killed on social media. Here’s a breakdown from Deadline Hollywood

Descendants 2 — a modern-day coming-of-age tale about the teenage sons and daughters of Disney’s most infamous villains- – also broke social media records for Disney Channel driving more Video Views (174.1 million), Impressions (90.8 million) and Engagements (14.6 million) than any social campaign in the network’s history.

Clearly this worked for Disney, who have been having a hard time retaining young viewers on its cable networks in the age of the internet.

Expect more multi-channel “events” like this in the future. I can almost guarantee it.

[Source: Deadline Hollywood]

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