Disney Drops the Mickey Soap?


There are reports that Disney is dropping the individual soaps and shampoos from its Walt Disney World resorts in favor of refillable wall-mounted dispensers.

According to guests who have stayed at Port Orleans Riverside recently, the soaps are indeed gone and replaced with what appear to be cost-saving (and immobile) dispensers.

(Photo: prfctlyximprct on WDW Magic)

Many Disney Parks guests love the little “Mickey soaps” and take them as a reminder of their stay at a Disney resort. Maybe that’s the problem for the bean counters, as Disney probably “wastes” many, many soaps as souvenirs.

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[Source: WDW Magic, Feature Photo: Expresso Disney]

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  1. I don’t think they thought this through. I feel like people are going to bring empty bottles and fill them up to take home because that stuff is EXPENSIVE off of the shelves. I bet they find that they were saving money by offering individual soaps in the long run.

  2. How well will they be cleaned. Are they going to change the each time a new guest comes into the room. I know they do this on the cruise ships and that is why we brought our own soap and shampoos. We were concerned with the sanitary part of it. I guess I will be bringing my own soap and shampoo just as a safety shot.

  3. For the EXTREMELY high cost of a Disney Vacation, I DO BELIEVE they can spare the Mickey Soaps for us to take home!!!! The Happiest Place On Earth is QUICKLY PRICING ITSELF OUT OF RANGE FOR “ORDINARY FAMILIES” TO BE ABLE TO GO ANYMORE!!!!!!!

  4. This is not sanitary and really gross. What are they thinking. I expect fresh new bars of soap and lotion and shampoo/ conditioner. Yuck!!!

  5. That’s really gross. I wouldn’t want to use that. It’s so unsanitary. C’mon Disney…you can do better than this.

  6. I know I’m in the minority but I love this 10x more! Its a larger amount so I won’t have to call for more. I hate bar soap so shower gel is a win imo.

  7. They need to leave the complimentary soaps and lotions! Years ago we stayed at Grand Floridian and there was a small tin with sewing items included with soaps
    And lotions! Very nice !!

  8. They originally had wall mounts and I caused rpthe me all kinds of problems. They did not work consistently, they were often jimmied so the soap leaked out or pulled off the wall and broken. I think Disney ought to go back and check the history of its resorts

    • I remember when the All Star Resorts had that many years ago, didn’t work have the time. It reminded me of washing my hand in a gas station bathroom, yuck

  9. I think this isn’t the best idea. If its bottles the length of your stay then great and change them for the next guests.. My only concern when we stayed was a fresh bar of soap every day for washing our hands I think this was unnecessary. i’m happy to use a bar a soap a few days and put it in the bin when I feel I need to

  10. For as much as a stay there costs, they should have kept the soap, I doubt it was a strain on their budget and the kids loved it. Had they been a motel 6 I would understand the need. But we are paying for the best, because we expect the best. They are charging more, but becoming cheapskates. Not good business.

  11. Ok people get a grip. It’s one way or another. You want soap bars? The room price goes up. This is a business don’t forget. And for the environmentalists, think of all the waste. Not to mention the thieves who stuff there luggage and are probably the main reason for the change.

  12. For the amount a vacation costs at Disney world, I want the soaps/lotions. If they use the lotions/soaps that we can purchase in larger volumes to take home, it serves as a marketing strategy.

  13. I think this is really sad. Between this and paying for parking they are destroying Walt’s dream of a happy place to take your family.


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