Disney Fans Angered by Changes Coming to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Auction Scene


When Disney announced changes to Pirates of the Caribbean that would alter the famous auction scene so loot — not women — were being sold, they likely expected a standing ovation from the progressive internet.

What they got was quite the opposite reaction.

Online Disney fans have been overwhelmingly against the proposed changes to alter the scene, which would reportedly see the famous redhead becoming a pirate herself and overseeing the loot auction.

Comments on the Disney Parks Blog range from begging Disney to keep the ride as-is, to being downright vitriolic and accusing Disney of “pandering to social justice warriors.”

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Comments on our own Facebook page were very similar. A handful applauded the changes, but most were upset that Disney was changing another classic ride and appeared to be doing so simply to appease a vocal minority.

There has been a small but vociferous attempt to have Disney alter this scene for quite a while, and it would appear that some higher-ups at Disney felt that after 50 years of wench auctions, it was time for a change.

Some Disney veterans, such as Marty Sklar, have voiced support for the changes citing that Walt Disney himself wanted the parks to evolve and not become museum pieces. “Change is a tradition at Disneyland,” he’s quoted as saying.

Disney Fans Divided

This is a sticky, no-win situation for Disney. If they keep the scene as-is, some will accuse them of making light of human trafficking. If they change it, some will accuse them of “pandering” to the left.

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The same dilemma is true of adding Donald Trump to the Hall of Presidents. Many would like to see him omitted or, at the very least, silenced. Many others are angry that Disney would even consider omitting a sitting President, regardless of public opinion on his policies.

Like the rest of our country, Disney fans are very divided and any action by the company that could be viewed as veering too far to the left or too far to the right will be fodder for would-be pundits on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

Currently Disney has not addressed whether or not it will take fan feedback into consideration before moving forward with the planned changes to Pirates of the Caribbean in Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

To paraphrase another classic Disney attraction, The Haunted Mansion, there’s probably no turning back now.

[Source: CNN]



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