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Disney Finds A Jafar and Adds A New Character For The Live Action Aladdin

Disney has announced that a potential Jafar has been found and they are in negotiations with actor Marwan Kenzari.  The Dutch-Tunisian actor was recently in The Mummy movie and will be appearing in the upcoming film Murder on the Orient Express.

There is a lot of buzz about this because Marwan Kenzari isn’t exactly what one would expect to play the vile Jafar as he’s “very cute.”  But I would love to see how it would play out.

Also announced is a new character named Mara.  Mara is the comedic handmaiden and friend of Jasmine.  The casting was announced as Saturday Night Live comedienne Nasim Pedrad.

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If negotiations finalize Kenzari he will be joining Nasim Pedrad(Mara), Mena Massoud (Aladdin), Naomi Scott (Jasmine) and Will Smith (Genie) as the cast for the new Aladdin film.

Source The Huffington Post

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