Disney Imagineer and Art of Pandora Coming to the Orlando Museum of Art


Disney executive Imagineer, Joe Rhode, will be coming to the Orlando Museum of Art, for 1st Thursday this month.  He will be presenting a lecture on the role of art in theme park creation in conjunction with an exhibit featuring art from the Animal Kingdom.  Along with the art, there will be food and music inspired by Animal Kingdom’s Pandora:  The World of Avatar.

The Orlando Museum of Art describes the event as:

he newly-opened Pandora – The World of Avatar has already awed many guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but the fun does not end there. Walt Disney World Resort is supporting the Orlando Museum of Art for its 1st Thursdays event on August 3, 2017. Including direction from Walt Disney Imagineering’s Creative Executive, Joe Rohde, the Museum will be transformed into Pandora with extra special touches that can only be seen that evening. In addition to local artists submitting their artwork to win awards for the “Pandora” theme “celebrating the beauty of the natural world,” work by Disney Imagineers and artists will also be on display. To make the night even more special, Walt Disney World Resort will offer complimentary food reflecting the atmosphere of Pandora.

The exhibit will focus more on the ideas behind  Animal Kingdom, and not so much the actual concept art as Rhode explained:

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“It’s not so much a ‘making of’ presentation as it is a presentation about a group of ideas that hold Animal Kingdom together.”

Art is important to every day life, from the clothes you wear, to the car you drive, and the shows you watch, art is all around you.  For creating amazing theme park experiences, art is even more important, but it’s something we don’t hear a lot about.  Joe Rhode described it as:

“We see a lot about the business of theme parks and the decisions that go into getting them built.  But as artists, this really is an art form. And that art form has roots in the very same kinds of arts that are presented by museums in another context.”

It would be exciting to see visual ideas that lead to the creation of the park.  Rhode explained that his presentation would be more about the art history of the park.

“Everybody knows the team goes all over the world photographing exotic cultures in order to bring this to life. What’s less familiar to people is the degree to which this research involves historical research into artistic precedent.  “This is … an art history lecture about the roots of Animal Kingdom’s design and the design of Pandora in the great and time-honored traditions of art history.  Those design problems that we solve today in a theme park have been solved many, many times before by other great artists across time.”

If this is something that you would like to attend the event starts at 6 p.m. Thursday.  Tickets will be  $15 for adults, $5 for children.  They can be purchased at omart.org.   Joe Rohde’s presentations will be at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.


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Source:  The Orlando Sentinel 

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