Disney looking at a new name for Hollywood Studios… and the choices are terrible.


WALT DISNEY WORLD (Orlando, Florida) — Ever since it was announced that Disney’s Hollywood Studios was going to get a major facelift, a rumor has been kicked around that Disney might be looking to rename the park.

And now it looks like they’re testing the idea with park guests, as reports are coming in that Disney’s trusty survey team is asking people which of the following names for the park that they like best.

The first to publicly post the survey was the Mickey Views YouTube Channel.

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Brayden from Mickey Views was cool enough to provide us with some hi-res pics of the survey…


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Oh sweet Mickey, where to begin?

Well, I suppose since very little remains of the original park, executives figured that it was time for another name change for “rebranding.”

That’s fine, I suppose, but the only reason Studios changed its name last time was because it was no longer a working studio and MGM was pretty much out of the picture.

Changing the name again makes less sense, as the park will still focus on movies. And the alternatives are pretty terrible.

Let’s look at them one by one, shall me?

Disney Kaleidoscope Park

What in the…?! I can’t even. Let’s move on to the next one…

Disney Storyverse Park

This sounds like what a Bible-themed park would call itself. “Bible Storyverse Land” or some such thing. At best, it sounds childish and you’ll be shooting stormtroopers in the face and stuff. Hard pass.

Disney Hyperia Park

Not terrible, but it sounds like Hyperion Wharf. And it really doesn’t scream “movies” to me. Pass.

Disney Beyond Park

Sounds like it crawled from the 1990s. Hard pass.

Disney Cinemagic Park

Probably the least stupid of all of the potential names, but I can imagine people calling it “Cinnamon Park” or something.

Disney Legends Park

Sounds like a ball field, not a theme park. Pass.

Disney XL Park

As if Disney XD isn’t a stupid enough name for a TV channel. What is this, the park for Pooh sized guests? Hard pass.

Disney Cinemagine Park

Similar to “Cinemagic Park” but dumber. Pass.


Here, Disney, I have a few suggestions…


Disneyland was Walt’s baby, and this park full of acquired IP is Bob’s. It’s only fitting. Speaking of which…

Disney’s Acquisition Park

“Welcome… to Acquisition Park.” This is the place where all of Disney’s acquired companies are put on display for the world to see.

Disney World 2: The Search for More Money

You know, because. (hat tip: Kambrea)

Disney’s Universal Studios

Truth in advertising. It does what it says on the tin.


But the best name for the Disney park is…

Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

I mean, seriously, if it ain’t broke!

If Disney must absolutely change the name of the park to remove the “studios” portion, I could see Disney Hollywood Adventure or Disney’s Hollywood Land.

But “Disney’s Hollywood Studios” fits. It’s Disney. It’s movies. The park icon is the Chinese Theater from Hollywood, fer crying out loud.

The name does not need to change.

But it probably will. Let’s just hope it’s one of the less stupid choices.

[Source: Mickey Views]


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  1. Thom,

    To be honest, I think you are on the right track. I came up with Disney’s Hollywood Experience. What do you think?


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