Disney Pulling its Movies Off Netflix to Start New Disney Streaming Service

Bob Iger | Disney CEO

Despite rumors that Netflix and Disney were getting pretty chummy these days (including rumors of a possible buyout) it looks like the honeymoon may be over.

Disney will be pulling all of its Disney and Pixar branded films off the streaming giant by the end of 2019, and creating a new streaming service of its own. The announcement came down from on high (i.e. Bob Iger) during the quarterly earnings report. The future of Star Wars and Marvel films is still up in the air, but the plan to pull Disney content off of Netflix is “a done deal.”

Iger’s comments regarding the new Disney streaming service were pretty vague, but apparently this decision would only affect movies and not Netflix exclusive Marvel shows like Daredevil and The Defenders.

There has been talk of an online “Disney Channel” that would give subscribers access to the Disney vault for several years (including rarities like Song of the South.) For a time, industry insiders were speculating that Disney would simply buy out Netflix and move its massive content library over there, but that is obviously not going to be the case.

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Hey, Netflix just bought a comic book publisher. Coincidence?

It’s likely that Netflix has known about the possibility of losing Marvel Studios content for awhile, as they recently announced the purchase of Millarworld — a comic book studio founded by super hot comics creator Mark Millar. Millar, a Marvel Comics veteran, is responsible for storylines and characters that have been re-purposed as Marvel Studios films, such as Captain America: Civil War.

Millar’s own creations include Kick-Ass and Kingsmen, both of which were turned into successful motion pictures.

It’s possible that Netflix is hedging its bets by bringing on one of Marvel’s best and brightest creators to replace Marvel Studios content if need be.

Disney simply might view Netflix as a competitor now.

Once upon a time, Netflix was content to just be the online equivalent of Blockbuster Video — a content distribution platform. Now that they’re creating their own content — much of it far superior to what Disney is offering — it’s possible that Disney sees them as a threat to their entertainment empire and doesn’t want to help the “enemy” any longer.

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Or they could just really want to do their own thing, and it’s nothing personal. Whatever.

In other Disney news…

Parks are doing well, television is not. ESPN is still a disaster. For the full numbers, hit this link.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]


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