REVIEW – Disney Tsum Tsum ‘Pastel Parade’ Vinyl Toys from JAKKS Pacific


When you open these mystery packs of ‘kawaii’ vinyl Disney toys, you’re sure to find some fun inside!

Years after their debut, Disney Tsum Tsums are still some of the hottest toys around. This limited edition series of pastel colored Tsums — aptly named the Pastel Parade! series — was produced by JAKKS Pacific for Springtime Easter basket filling. However, they’re great to have all year around, with a unique lighter coloring than the typical Tsum Tsum vinyls.

Below is a video of our kids (ages 9 and 13) opening an entire case of Pastel Parade! Tsums we got from Entertainment Earth (link.)

Stay tuned after the video for our thoughts on this assortment, as well as some close up photos of what’s inside these little blind bags!

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In our case, we received the following toys:

  • 3x Eeyore
  • 3x Mickey Mouse
  • 3x Piglet
  • 3x Minnie Mouse
  • 3x Bambi
  • 2x Chip
  • 2x Ariel
  • 1x Pluto
  • 1x Jiminy Cricket
  • 1x Miss Bunny
  • 1x Angel
  • 1x Golden Winnie the Pooh (Rare?)

I’m not sure if this is a typical case assortment for this series, so your mileage may vary.

The Tsum Tsum Toys

The Tsums in these mystery packs are the larger sized vinyls, which surprised me. I’d expected the medium-sized Tsum like those that come with the accessory packs (link) but I like the weight of the bigger toys. They’re great for little hands to pick up and play with. My daughter is a big fan of Hasbro’s Littlest Pet Shops, and these are just the right size for hangin’ with her pets.

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The pastel colors are nice, too. While they’re colored for Spring, the pastel works all year around and works especially well with the Pooh characters. The colors on Mickey and Minnie remind of of some of the pastel Disney plush I’ve seen at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Very nice!

Here are some photos of the Disney Tsum Tsum Pastel Parade toys…

Final Thoughts

Are these worth the money? At around $3 a pack, you really can’t go wrong. I wish there would’ve been a little bit more variation in this assortment, but it was nice to see relatively uncommon characters like Jiminy Cricket thrown into the mix. (Personally, I’d have loved to have seen a pastel Elliott the Dragon!)

Overall I’d say it’s a nice assortment, and would rate it 8/10.

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