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New ‘DuckTales’ 2017 Reboot Trailer Hits the Web

Whoo hoo! The first full trailer for the DuckTales reboot has just been released, and it looks incredible! The Tenth Doctor himself, David Tennant, takes over from the late great Alan Young as the world’s richest duck, Scrooge McDuck.  Check out the trailer for yourself below.

As a longtime fan of Uncle Scrooge (and as someone who has has the privilege of spending over a decade of his life working on Uncle Scrooge comics) there are three things that really stand out to me.

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1) Donald, Donald, Donald!

Donald Duck was a huge part of the Uncle Scrooge comics, but was trimmed from the original 1980s DuckTales series. I’m glad to see him back on the team!

2) References to Carl Barks and Don Rosa

Carl Barks originally created Scrooge McDuck as a throwaway character for the Donald Duck comics, but he became a runaway success and soon eclipsed Donald in popularity. (I guess you could say he was kind of like Urkel or the Fonz… just in comics. And as a duck.) The line heard in the trailer, that they need to be “smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies” is directly from Barks’ stories.

Years later, Don Rosa would continues Bark’s legacy by taking Uncle Scrooge on adventures directly inspired by Barks’ Uncle Scrooge adventures.


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3) It looks funny!

I’m getting a Gravity Falls vibe off of this show, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s sorely missed and Disney likely saw an opportunity to fill that void with some truly classic characters, making them relevant for a new generation.

We’re definitely excited about the new show, and will be glued to Disney XD this summer.

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