SOLD OUT! Every Banshee Adopted at Windtraders inside Pandora: The World of Avatar


Just over one week ago, Pandora : The World of Avatar, opened to the public. In addition to the beautiful scenery and two amazing new attractions, Windtraders, the gift shop had taken Pandora by storm. One of the most popular experiences in the gift shop is the Banshee Rookery. It is here where guest can adopt and bond with their very own Banshee. The adoption fee is $49.99 and there are many different colors of banshees to choose from.

Every Banshee Adopted

WDW News Today shared some photos they took on Saturday June 3, 2017. This was exactly one week after the grand opening of Disney’s New world, Pandora. As you can see there are no more banshees on their perches.

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Entertainment Earth

The Banshee Rookery inside of Windtraders in Pandora is completely empty as of 10:45am credit: WDW News Today

Banshee Rookery Experience

Jones Family Travels was able to visit Windtraders to experience this interactive shopping  phenomenon, as well as, a few of Windtraders other experiences

Below is a video they posted on May 18th, during a soft opening.

“Tickle me” Banshee?

With the extreme high demand for these Banshees and the limited supply, people have taken to EBAY and are selling their Banshees. I have seen prices anywhere from $55.00 to $350.00. As you may know, in 1996 a new toy called “Tickle Me Elmo” took to shelves and with its unexpected high demand prices rose from $28.99- $1500.00. Let’s hope that does not happen here and Disney is able to rebound from this high demand. It is rumored that they will be back on shelves in as much as 3 to 4 weeks, so if you can hold out until then, just wait.

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I looked at the listing for the Banshee selling at $350.00 and they have already sold 12 and 4 were still availiable.

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