UPDATE – February 2018 Disney Tsum Tsum Event is ‘Sweetheart Chocolate Gifts’


What is the February 2018 Disney Tsum Tsum event? We finally know!

Earlier this week we posted leaked images from the February update, which includes new premium Tsum from Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers, as well as characters from Snow White.

But what we didn’t have at the time was information on the actual event itself.


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Thanks to reddit and YouTuber MooGaming, we now have an answer.

The February event will be called Sweetheart Chocolate Gifts, and here’s some information on it.

Below is more information on what we can expect, thanks to user Loserbait on the r/TsumTsum subreddit.

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Event Description

Love is in the air~💛! Give chocolates to your favorite Tsum Tsum sweethearts!

Event Times

Feb 06 (estimate) 11:00 AM – Feb 25 11:59 PM PST


  • Clear missions to get chocolates!
  • Complete the event cards to earn Princess Minnie and a Silver Pin!
  • Tap the hearts with Tsum Tsum silhouettes to start a mission. Clear it and receive a chocolate.
  • Fill both pink and blue boxes to earn Coins and Items!


Note: I’ve replaced “Bomb Tickets” with the International Version equivalent of “Bubble Tickets”. I apologize for the confusion.


  • Use the new Musketeer Tsums to gain character bonuses.
  • Be sure to check out the equivalent Japanese Version of this event as most-to-all Missions and rewards remain the same between versions!

New Tsums

  • Musketeer Mickey: Clears vertical and diagonal lines of Tsum Tsum! LB Info
  • Musketeer Donald: Clears Tsum Tsum randomly! LB Info
  • Musketeer Goofy: Clears Tsum Tsum in the shape of a Z! LB Info
  • Princess Minnie: Turns random Tsum Tsum into Mickey (they can be cleared with Princess Minnie)! LB Info
  • Happy Snow White: Clears all the Tsum Tsum in the center. LB Info
  • Prince: Turns random Tsum Tsum into Snow White (they can be cleared with Prince)! LB Info

Lucky Times

Select Tsums

Pickup Capsule

  • 1st: Angel, Stitch, Valentine Minnie, Valentine Daisy, Aladdin, Jasmine
  • 2nd: Beast, Genie, Scrooge, Hawaiian Stitch, Nala

Coming Soon?

  • Bingo cards 111213141516, and 17 have been prepared in English! When will they drop? Only time will tell!

If you have any questions about a specific aspect of the event or anything else coming this month, please ask below.

Good luck!

** Information contained herein was collected by Loserbait and/or /u/mayorse . Out of respect for our efforts, I am personally requesting any distribution of information to include credits.


  • 1/19 They fixed Aladdin’s picture in the Pickup Capsule (formerly used Prince Ali), added Classic Series banner, filesize changes for Prince images for the event
  • 1/29 Linked to mayorse’s leaks

Sounds like fun! The new Tsum Tsum event starts on February 6.

[Source: MooGaming, r/TsumTsum]

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