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First Impressions of ‘Pandora – The World of Avatar’ in Walt Disney World

Just the other day I was able to journey into Pandora The World of Avatar with some friends. As soon as we walked in I felt like we were a part of this magnificent story. Every part of it felt so real, from the scenery to rides and the delicious food.

Flight of Passage is now one of my all time favorite Disney attractions. This ride is like nothing I have ever been on before. They really made it feel like you were riding a Banshee. The feeling, the sights, and the smells made it seem like you were flying over Pandora. We were able to ride three times because we didn’t have to worry about a long line! It was absolutely amazing.

Na’vi River Journey was spectacular in it’s own way. We went on twice and I still think I’d see new things if I went on again. It is a slow moving boat ride but the colors and everything around you make it so wonderful. Both rides are great and are must dos when heading to Animal Kingdom.

We each got something different to eat and all loved our meals. I enjoyed the cheeseburger pods which were out of this world amazing.

Before we left Pandora we stopped at Pongu Pongu where I got a Mo’ara Margarita and some Pongu Lumpia (pineapple cream cheese spring roll). I will admit when Disney first announced that they were making a World of Avatar I was not totally on board. As soon as I stepped into this amazing land my mind was completely blown and my thoughts completely changed.

Seeing how well Pandora was put together and the detail that was brought in gives me high hopes for Disney’s future projects!

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