‘Flight of the Navigator’ Might Be Getting a Reboot–But Not By Disney


“I know you are but what am I?”

The 1986 Disney film Flight of the Navigator might be looking at a new reboot over 30 years later.

Disney had plans to remake the movie since 2009, and originally hired Brad Copeland from Arrested Development to write the first draft.  Then at one point Coin Trevorrow was possibly going to write and direct it, but the Marvel and Lucasfilm acquisitions took center stage and the idea was shelved.

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Fast forward till now and the rights have been taken by Lionsgate and The Henson Company.  They have hired Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson to write the script.  But it’s unclear if it will be a remake or a reboot.  Disney wanted a remake, but they aren’t running with it so who knows.  I think the Henson Company would be a good choice to work on a reboot or a remake.

The original film starred Joey Cramer as a 12 year old boy, from 1978, who loved the Bee Gees.   Then he saw something in the woods and accidentally fell into a ravine.  When he woke up it was 1986 and he was back where he was, but he hadn’t aged and he had no recollection of what had happened to him.  Everything wad different, his annoying little brother was now his older brother, his family aged, and Twisted Sister was now a thing.  He learns that he was collected and put in a sort of stasis and returned to him home 8 years later.  Paul Reubens voiced the pilot, Max, who had a menagerie of various life forms on board.  He and the boy go on an adventure as the boy has Max’s star charts in his mind and has to become the “Navigator.”

I guess Max was right when he said “See you later Navigator.”

Have you ever watched Flight of the Navigator?  Would you like to see a remake or a reboot?  Comment and let us know what you think!

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