Halloween Has Hit Hong Kong Disneyland


Halloween has come to Hong Kong Disneyland and their decorations are too cute!  Rina Disney @hkdlfan on Twitter (and on Instagram) has posted some amazing pictures of the parks and the parade! (Give her a follow)

Toy Story Land

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I love the Scrabble tiles as letters to spell out “Halloween” and the blocks spelling out “Terror!”

Halloween Time Festival Gardens

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I love the craftsmanship in this spider gate!  Then the Haunted Mansionesque frames!

I can imagine how pretty this is at night!  Love all the stars “carved” into the the pumpkins too.

If you needed inspiration for a jack-o-lantern this year, look no further!  The pumpkin vines and attention to detail is impressive.  I love how Disney goes all out!

Jack Skellington and Friends Halloween Character Greeting –at the Annex

Check out all the detail work here.  The Jack Skellington faces in the windows and the amazing Jack and pupking garlands across the top of the building.  Love the purple and black umbrellas too.

I love this frame!  I’m thinking about trying to make something similar out of foam.

Zero has always been one of my favorites!

Mickey and Friends

The characters are donning their Halloween costumes

I love the costuming on Mickey and Minnie!

Check out the pumpkins in the background!

Mickey’s Halloween Time Street Party

I love the amazing costuming here!

There you have it.  A look at the amazing Halloween decorations and costumes going on over in Hong Kong Disneyland.  Special credit to Rina Disney.  Make sure you follow over on Instagram or Twitter.  She always posts amazing photos from Hong Kong Disneyland and incredible merchandise for sale over there.  I wish they would bring some of it over here *hint hint Disney*

What do you think of the incredible decorations and costumes?  Comment below and let us know!

Source: @hkdlfan


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