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‘Happily Ever After’ – Walt Disney World’s Newest Nighttime Spectacular is a Hit

It’s a happy ending for Happily Ever After. Disney’s latest nighttime fireworks spectacular seems to be a hit with fans and theme park critics alike.

Disney debuted the new show Friday night to a packed Magic Kingdom crowd. The event was live-streamed via the Disney Parks Blog, but if you missed it, you can watch a recording of the stream below.

There was some initial grousing when it was announced that Wishes would end its run earlier this year, but the new castle projection show seems to have won over even the biggest of skeptics.

Here’s what some of the Disney die-hards had to say.

Dewayne Bevil from the Orlando Sentinel

From my vantage point on the Tomorrowland side of the hub, it felt like there were more fireworks – more bang for buck, if you will — for “Happily” than for “Wishes.” Some of the colors were new to the Magic Kingdom sky, and there were unusual shape combinations (one I called Yin & Yang). And the new show is longer, clocking in at a beefy 18 minutes.

Brittani Tuttle from Attractions Magazine

This breathtaking show not only features awe-inspiring fireworks, but also has more lights, lasers and projections than any show at the park before it. “Happily Ever After” takes guests on the Disney journeys that they know and love, facing all of the challenges and adversity with their favorite characters on their path toward their own happy ending.

Sean Sposato from Inside the Magic

“Happily Ever After” is a nighttime spectacular on an entirely new level from “Wishes.” The lights, lasers, and incredible new fireworks are complemented by beautiful soundtrack that together create a moving and captivating show.

Here’s what some of The Kingdom Insider’s own Facebook followers had to say…

It sounds like Disney has another classic show on their hands. This almost makes up for the Main Street Electrical Parade. Well, almost.

Here’s to several more years of Happily Ever After.

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