New Disney Halloween Mouse Ears and Headbands Coming Soon

When Thom was to the media preview at the Pixar Pier last week, they showed them some “sneak peeks” of upcoming holiday merchandise. They weren’t allowed to take pictures or video, but luckily the images are showing up online so I’m pretty sure we can take a look at the Disney Halloween merchandise now and I’m so excited!

I’m especially excited for the upcoming Coco Dia De Los Muertos- Day of the Dead headband!

Thom kept telling me about it and now that I see it he was right! I need it!

They also will have a Minnie Candy Corn Headband!

Nightmare Before Christmas will also inspire a couple of headbands and a set of mouse ears!

No word yet on pricing or release dates. They did tell Thom the merchandise would probably start to show up next month. I would say at least by the Mickey’s Halloween Parties on both coasts.

I really can’t wait to see the upcoming mug, but I can’t find a photo yet. Thom said it’s a ghost and his tail makes the handle!

What do you think of the headbands and mouse ears? Comment and let us know!

Source: The Main Street Mouse