New Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery Packs and Plush


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  New holiday themed Disney Tsum Tsum items are appearing.  These cute critters from Disney and Jakks Pacific are sure to liven up your holidays or put you in the holiday spirit!

New Mystery Packs

Collectors and fans are finding these new pieces at two places.  First, at Target, people have discovered new holiday mystery packs.  Each pack has one of four, medium sized, holiday themed Tsums.  The four figures are:  Donald Duck in a star, Minnie Mouse in a wreath, Daisy Duck in an ornament, and Mickey Mouse with a Santa hat in “Santa’s” bag.  There seems to be a Donald Duck design box and a Minnie Mouse designed box.  I have to wonder if they boxes are for decoration, or making it harder to feel the bags so a customer can’t guess by the shape what it is.  Making it harder to not get doubles.

Disney Tsum Tsum-Holiday-mystery Disney-Tsum-Tsum-Holiday-mystery-box

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These are $3.99 each!  What a great stocking stuffer these would make?  Or you could use them as holiday decorations!

But that’s not all

Several people on the Disney Tsum Tsum – Buy, Trade, Sell group on Facebook, have reported finding these new plush Tsums at Toys-r-us.   There are six plush to collect, including:  Donald (as a wreath), Daisy (with some kind of crown), Mickey Santa, Minnie (Mrs. Claus maybe), Goofy looks like an elf, and Pluto seems to be a stocking from what I’ve read.  The Tsum Tsum board is a great place to buy and sell and learn about new Tsums.  If you haven’t joined yet, you should!


(photo credit Ken Donato on Disney Tsum Tsum -Buy, Trade, Sell group)

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These are also $3.99 each and would make great stocking stuffers or holiday decorations!  I would even consider putting a loop on these and using them as tree ornaments!

What do you think?  Which are your favorite?  Are you excited for these to come to a store near you?  Comment and let us know!

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