New Haunted Mansion Merchandise Spotted at Momento Mori in Walt Disney World


Frightfully new merchandise was spotted at Momento Mori, in the Walt Disney World Resort.  WDWNT posted some wonderful photos of a new t-shirt and some incredible pins.

The shirt is neat and it’s full of characters from the ride.  I get that the bat design ties in, but it almost it too “Batman” to me.  It was the first thing I thought of when I saw it.  I will admit that I do love the “head” being the gargoyle holding the candles.  $24.99


There is also a new glow-in-the-dark Madame Leota shirt.  Looks like it’s going for a fortune telling, horoscope vibe.  $24.99

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Besides t-shirts there are a few new pins appearing.  The bat goes with the bat theme of the shirt, but I think the pin works better.  It isn’t so “Batman” and more Haunted Mansion.  $9.99


Next is a Madame Leota pin.  It looks a LOT like the new Madame Leota Alex and Ani bracelet that just came out.  $12.99

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Then there is a “Bride and Doom” Wedding Ring pin.  $12.99


Finally the Hatbox Ghost pin. $9.99


These are at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, but they are all on the Shop Disney Parks App (that’s where I got the prices for you.)

What do you think of the new pieces?  Which one is your favorite?


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