Disney Testing New Hours For Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Guests


This year, Disney will be testing new hours for its Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP). Day guests of the park, in years past have been able to experience the rides and attractions, in Magic Kingdom, until 7:00PM, park closure. Guests of MVMCP, were given special wristbands to signify their ticket for the special priced event. For guests who did not purchase a ticket for the party , they were unable to staying the park after 7:00PM,

New Hours for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Like previous years, guests without a special party ticket, will not be able to stay past park closure at 7:00PM. This year’s big change is that day guests without an event ticket and wrist band will now be unable to ride or experience the attractions after 6:00 PM. Between 6:00PM and 7:00PM, day guests will still be able to eat and shop in the park, but rides and attractions will only be available to MVMCP guests.

I love this! This now allows those event guests to get in their rides and attractions before the festivities begin. This special extra magic hour is a great benefit for those guests purchasing party tickets. Yes, party guests are already getting the parks to themselves. This hour allows guest who want to take part in the special parade and fireworks show the ability to experience special ride access and the party itself.

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What are your thoughts on the new hours? Comment below and let us know!


[Source: WDWMAGIC]

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  1. I think they should back it up to 5pm, that way we would have more time in MK to eat dinner as well before the festivities start! That would be awesome!

  2. We are annual pass holders and DO NOT LIKE the extra decreased hour for day guests. Disney keeps raising the cost of admission while taking more time away from their visitors to have access to attractions.

    • Gigi, I feel the same as you do. Disney keeps raising their prices and you get less hours. We all know that it is impossible to get on every ride and see all the shows even if you are there from when it opens and stay late. With that said,it’s like taking the magic out of Disney in my opinion. Who wants to go there and feel like its a rat race.To go one day and spend over $ 100 per person and be told sorry only untill 6 is crazy. I already know a few hard core Disney fans are going else where for vacations since it is getting way out of control.

    • If you are an annual pass holder just go on a day the party is not being held or buy a 100 ticket like the rest of us.( we also bought park tickets for the entire week) I would feel cheated if after spending this much, pass holders and day guests stay and take advantage of the party. This is a special treat.

      • Annual Passholders, at the highest level, pay a premium (upwards of a thousand dollars after tax) in order to get admission to the parks 365 days a year, they have more reason be upset at reduced hours than someone who paid $100.

  3. I am in the uk and all ready purchased my 14 day tickets. So does this mean we will lose a lot of the time to be able to spend in the park.

    • Look at the schedule of park hours. It tells you what days the party is being held and make adjustments. We are going to Mickey’s Christmas party on Dec 12. We bought passes for this. Instead of using our ticket and pass on the same day, we are arriving at 4 that night. Using our Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party ticket to get into the park. The park for party guests ONLY is open until midnight. We can not arrive until after 4pm. On the 13th The Magic Kingdom has Extra hours and is open from 9 to midnight for guests that are staying at the park. Just plan ahead.


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