New Disney-Pixar ‘Toy Story’ iWatch Faces Announced by Apple

Today, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, CA, iOS4 will be featuring many new updates. A few of these updated will include new Toy Story iWatch faces featuring  Woody, Jessie and Buzz. This is very exciting news for both lovers of Toy Story and Apple’s iWatch.

Current Disney Watch faces

At the moment, a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse watch face is available. Mickey features 2 options, red and classic, whereas Minnie features a number of different color options. My iWatch is currently set to Mickey Red and I love the interactivity with this watch face. When you touch the clock, Mickey laughs and tells you the time and if you haven’t clicked on him in a while he greets you as well!

Toy Story iWatch Release Date

According to, a news outlet in the U.K., iOS4 will be released sometime in the fall. It is already available to developers so they may integrate the new update with their apps. I know I cannot wait as Buzz Lightyear is my favorite Pixar character.


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