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Pixar Announces Untitled Movie Described As A ‘Suburban Fantasy World’

At D23 Pixar CCO John Lasseter announced a currently untitled Pixar film described as taking audiences to worlds they have never seen.  The screen behind him said “he untitled Pixar film that takes you to a suburban fantasy world”

Dan Scanlon has been announced as the director.  He previously directed Monsters University.

What is Fantasy, well usually it involves magical creatures, elves, pixies, etc.  Apparently, that is exactly what this is.

Lasetter is quoted as saying:


Scalon indicated that the characters will not be human, but more like elves or sprites.  According to Inside the Magic he even joked about the characters being what you would see on a van in the 70’s.

What we know of the story is that it’s about two brothers who are searching for their father.


Not much is known about it yet, and they said more info would come at the next D23 in 2019.

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