Ripley Entertainment Buys R2-D2 Used at Disney Parks


Ripley Entertainment purchased an R2-D2 used at Disney theme parks for $130,000 (About $160,000 after commission.) Outbidding one or two other bidders during the auction in California this past Saturday.

This is the R2-D2 that was in use from 2004-2014 at Disney parks. It is in working order and features 53 sounds. Based off the specifications for the movie R2-D2, the “droid” made daily appearances during Star Wars Weekends “Disney Stars and Motorcars Parade,” at the re-opening of “Star Tours” and it was used for a summer at Tomorrowland in Disneyland California.

This is not the first pricey Star Wars item they have purchased.

Ripley’s has been buying up Star Wars pieces, and “real-space-related” items.  Last summer they even acquired Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber used in a New Hope and Empire Strikes Back for $450,000. Later in the year they also purchased some pieces from the Prop Store auction house in London, including hair from the Chewbacca costume and C-3PO’s head from the Empire Strikes Back film.

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But what are they planning on doing with these expensive Star Wars pieces?

According to Edward Meyer, vice president of archives and exhibits for Ripley:

“We have been buying up real space and Hollywood space” items. The company is planning a traveling exhibit in honor of its 100th anniversary, which begins in December, and coincides with the anniversary of NASA’s first Apollo moon landing. The traveling show could do the comic-con circuit, he said.”

He also indicated that the show will focus on the lightsaber, and R2-D2 would definitely be used and running for the tour as well.

Besides Star Wars prop pieces, Ripley’s been buying up Star Wars inspired art made from unique materials. Like the Millennium Falcon made from about a million matchsticks, from artist Patrick Acton.

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Or Michelangelo’s “Pieta” reinterpreted with Chewbacca cradling Han Solo made from duct tape by artist  Joseph Girandola.

And three portraits of Star Wars characters made from over 64,000 staples by artist James Haggerty.

You can see other pieces they have purchased Here. From carved crayolas that look like Yoda to up-cycled Star Wars pieces, they have a lot of interesting art!

Meyer did indicate to the Orlando Sentinel that the piece by Patrick Acton will be part of the traveling show, but he didn’t indicate if other pieces would be.

How can I see the traveling show?

Dates and locations for this tour haven’t been announced yet. But when we learn more we will let you know.

What do you think? Would you travel to a comic-con to see this exhibit? Comment and let us know!


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