RUMOR – Is a Haunted Mansion Restaurant Coming to Walt Disney World?


The WDW rumor mill certainly has been active these past few weeks. It seems that there’s a rumor of a new coaster or attraction based on the latest, hottest Disney IP popping up every other day.

The latest rumor involves the possibility of a Haunted Mansion themed restaurant coming to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Now, I put a little more stock in this particular rumor given the source. User WDW1974 on the WDW Magic Forums has proven to be a pretty reliable “insider” over the years, and this one comes from him/her/them.

From the forum thread

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And before Tom Amity* decides to break news that was broken here a long time ago, let me again spell out that a new Haunted Mansion eating venue/experience is coming to the MK, despite the mixed reviews of the Skipper Canteen.

Given the popularity of The Haunted Mansion, I completely believe this could be a thing. In fact, my wife and I always joke that eating in the West Wing of Be Our Guest is pretty close to what a Haunted Mansion restaurant would probably be.

My question is — where would it be located? Would it be a new building, or would they re-theme an existing dining location? If we’re talking about a re-theme, I say it’s time to throw Columbia Harbour House overboard. It’s right across the street, and it’s pretty mediocre.

Some other quick rumors and updates from WDW1974…

As the talented Mr. Ripley used to say, you’re free to believe it or… or not.

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Should any of these rumors turn out to be true, The Kingdom Insider (and the entirety of the Disney blogosphere) will be there to tell you so.

Stay tuned, foolish mortals…

(“Tom Amity,” I believe, is the codename for Tom Corless of WDW News Today. Apparently he’s not well-liked over on WDW Magic, though I didn’t follow the drama.)

[Hat Tip: Orlando Weekly]

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  1. Many guests love the Columbia Harbor House, it would be a shame to see it go. It seems like the perfect happy little transition between Liberty Square and Fantasyland, and the theming is so charming. I have heard speculation that a Haunted Mansion restaurant could possibly go behind the ride’s show building. I bet they could do something cool with that.

    • Not sure! I’m just saying that space seems pretty limited, and given its proximity, Columbia Harbour House is a likely candidate for a ghostly makeover should they just retheme a restaurant. Should they go that route, they could always keep the seafood and use the ol’ sea captain for the story…?

  2. The Columbia Harbour House may not be your favorite place to eat, but it is ANYTHING but “mediocre.” In fact, it’s one of my favorite ‘hidden’ spots to enjoy a nice, quiet meal in WDW. Tasty vegetarian options? Check! Clean, uncrowded bathrooms? Check! Friendly, attentive staff? Check! Themeing that is subtle yet completely immersive? Check!

    For a highly-detailed and incredibly well-thought out appreciation of The Columbia Harbour House, check out Passport2Dream’s article, The Anti-Food Court (Link: It’s one of those magical articles that re-wires your brain to see things in a brand new way. After reading it, you too will fall madly in love with this Imagineering gem!

    All of that said, THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! The very idea of a Haunted Mansion eatery gives me goosebumps of delight!

    • No worries! I’m just not a huge fan of the actual food, but I know Columbia Harbour House does have a fanbase. It’s also the most logical place to do a Haunted Mansion eatery, given its proximity, should building a new location not be possible.

  3. Didn’t Disney at one point want a restaurant similar to Blue Bayou for the Haunted Mansion? A restaurant inside the ride would be amazing!


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