RUMOR – ‘Indiana Jones Adventure’ Replacing ‘Dinosaur’ in Walt Disney World?


There are some rumors circulating that big changes are planned for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But could Indiana Jones be coming to Disney’s animal themed fourth gate?

According to some Disney insiders, the possibility is being entertained.

An insider by the name TheVisionarySoul on the WDW Magic forums states that Disney is looking at many possibilities for a re-theming of Dinoland U.S.A., and one of those might include converting Dinosaur into the Indiana Jones Adventure from Disneyland. It would be relatively easy, as both attractions share the same ride system.

From TheVisionarySoul…

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The most extreme [of the rumors] include all of Dinoland USA being replaced with an Indiana Jones themed land. This would include the closing of Dinosaur to convert it into the Indiana Jones Adventure, an archeology-themed dig site to replace the Boneyard, and the demolition and eventual replacement of Chester and Hester’s Dino-rama. (And before you ask, no, I have no idea what is happening to Finding Nemo- The Musical or the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.)

Indiana Jones in an animal themed park? That sounds pretty far-fetched, but Disney does own the IP and the company is all about movie tie-ins these days.

Still, it’s an intriguing possibility if Disney could somehow make it work. I love the Dinosaur attraction, but it’s based on a Disney movie that’s been all but forgotten. Maybe Disney could even salvage the amazing Indiana Jones set from The Great Movie Ride and use it somewhere?

Insiders on WDW Magic have been fairly accurate in the past, correctly predicting many of the announcements at D23 months — even years — in advance. Still, this is just a rumor. But it’s likely that this discussion has at least taken place.

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[Source: WDW Magic]

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  1. I absolutely love the Indiana Jones overlay in Animal Kingdom. They could theme the area to the Amazon/South America region and like magic, it all fits into AK. DInosaur was always a poor replacement for Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

    More Pandora – Check
    Zootopia – No brainer

  2. You should tell Disney to leave DINOSAUR ride instead of replacing with Indiana Jones Adventure ride ’cause I’ve liked Indiana Jones movie series even better than the ride! If they’re replacing DINOSAUR ride, I’m never going back to Orlando ever again! >:(


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