RUMOR – Shanghai’s ‘Tron’ Coaster Replacing the Tomorrowland Speedway in Walt Disney World?

Tron Lightcycle Power Run in Shanghai Disneyland - Is the Tron Coaster Coming to Walt Disney World?

Greetings, Programs! Is the popular Tron Lightcycle Power Run roller coaster making its way from Shanghai Disneyland to Walt Disney World? That’s a rumor making the rounds courtesy of “insider” Jim Hill.

According to the rumor, the Tron coaster would replace the aging Tomorrowland Speedway during a proposed revamp of Tomorrowland. While the Speedway has been a fixture of the Magic Kingdom since opening day in 1971, it certainly does take up a lot of valuable real estate and doesn’t fit the futuristic theme of Tomorrowland.

The same attraction has been demolished in both the Hong Kong and Tokyo parks, and has recently been re-themed (as Autopia) in Disneyland.

Today’s guests want thrill rides. And the Speedway just isn’t all that thrilling anymore. To be honest, it never really was.

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And it doesn’t have the nostalgic charm of say, The Enchanted Tiki Room or even The Carousel of Progress. I don’t think many would mourn the loss of the Tomorrowland Speedway if they knew they were getting something like this…

But wasn’t Tron coming to Epcot?

Another rumor that circulated a few months ago said that the Tron coaster might make its way to Epcot’s Future World. Where would it go? They could possibly demolish the Wonders of Life Pavilion or even Mission: SPACE. But it’s highly unlikely since it’s aesthetically very similar to Test Track 2.0.

However, the guest demand does seem to be there. It’s the most talked about overseas attraction, and one Disney would be wise to find a place for here in the States.

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But Tron is a dead franchise, right?

Maybe. Maybe not. There’s a slim possibility that Disney might resuscitate the franchise with Jared Leto. No word on a release date for Tron 3, or even if it’ll happen at all, but I doubt Disney would be using this IP on a high profile ride if they didn’t plan to do something with it… someday.

Again, all of this is pure speculation and rumor. But personally, I’d love to see this incredible-looking ride make its way Stateside. How about you?

Do you want to see the Tron coaster in Walt Disney World? Comment below or in the forums!

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  1. Absoutely! Probably would get me to go back to Disney World again, havent been over 10-15 years ago. If they have this and a tron themed hotel or bar (End of Line club) I would be so thrilled!

  2. I’d love to have this ride at WDW, as another commenter said, add an End of Line style Bar and I’ll buy my ticket and return now! (For the first time in 8 years)

  3. Im very sure they’ll bring this ride to Walt Disney world.

    I think it would fit perfect in Tomorrow Land, it would be a great addition to that park and really elevate that area of the park. As you said the speedway needs to go, it really is the perfect space for a roller coaster.
    That said it would be very “cool” in Epcot, but I believe Epcot tries to keep their attractions based in reality, innovation, science, etc… Would love to see a post on what you think about Epcot’s Future world’s future?

    • Thanks! I’m thinking about it. I know Future World is in dire need for an overhaul, but the rumor of a Guardians of a Galaxy coaster didn’t really excite me too much because — as you said — I think Epcot needs to stay at least somewhat based in science, not sci-fi.

    • “I believe Epcot tries to keep their attractions based in reality, innovation, science, etc”

      I think that ship sailed a long time ago. Edutainment at Disney is long dead, with IPs taking over and slowly turning it into an anachronistic Magic Kingdom with upcharge festivals littered throughout the year.


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