RUMOR – Walt Disney World Railroad Being Re-Routed During Tron Construction


Today, while Thom and Kam, were out and about in Magic Kingdom they were spotted by one of our followers Bonnie. Bonnie had just been told of a rumor by a cast member as to the Walt Disney World Railroad Operations While Tron was being Constucted at the Magic Kingdom.

Walt Disney World Railroad Being Re-Routed

While our follower, Bonnie, was waiting for the train at the Fantasy Station she inquired about what would happen when Tron was built. The Cast Member told her, once completed the train would go through a tunnel in the building of Tron. The CM then pointed to the wood line and stated that behind there is swampland. To prepare for the construction of Tron, the swampland would have to be drained and filled to accommodate the building. This task provides some evidence on why the project will take 3.5 years. As a result, the operation of the railroad would be severely impacted as the track runs right through the construction zone.

The Rumor

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Here is the juicy part, which is still not confirmed and is just a rumor by a CM. The train would run its normal route from Main Street all the way to Fantasyland Station. Normally the train would continue to run clockwise around the Magic Kingdom. During Construction, the train would leave Fantasyland Station and go backwards and the show would run in reverse. Although we have no hard evidence to support the rumor, it makes sense.

What are your thoughts on this rumor. Do you have any ideas of what you think Disney might do? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Headling was a bit misleading…. the train isn’t being re-routed. It’s just going backwards. Re-routing a train would entail laying down new track.


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