Star Wars Celebration: Sweet Jyn Erso Cosplayer Handed Out Death Star Plans to ‘Princess Leia’


Star Wars Celebrations is an amazing meet up of Star Wars fans from around the world. It took place April 13-16 in Orlando, FL. There were celebrities, panels, announcements, and a small cosplayer who brightened to day for a lot of people.  A five year old girl named Harley dressed as Jyn Erso from Rogue One and attended the event with her father Dino. Their goal was exactly in character for Jyn, to deliver the Death Star plans to Princess Leia.


(Harley as Jyn Erso.  Photo from io9)

In honor of Carrie Fisher, the tiny rebel and her father handed out homemade data card replicas to as many Princess Leia cosplayers as they could find. (Awe!  I’m sure it was incredible for the Leia fans that received them!)

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(photos from io9 and Nerdist)

Princess-Leia-Star-Wars-Celebrations-Jyn-erso-death-star-plans General-Leia-Star-Wars-Celebrations-Jyn-erso-death-star-plans

(Photos from her father’s Imgur Gallery)

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She also made sure to get the Death Star Plans to R2-D2.


She made sure to deliver one to Leia herself. Placing it at the base of Carrie Fisher’s Ceremonial dress from the original film. (It’s okay to cry, I did)


I’m sure Carrie Fisher would have approved.

Besides her Jyn Erso costume, Harley has a Rey with Millennium Falcon costume as well. You can see more over at Imgur.

Cosplay level= Awesome!

I grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy. I watched it on the Disney Channel and the Sci-fi Channel. Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia meant so much to so many. I can’t think of a sweeter tribute.



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