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UPDATE – Is the Mickey Mouse Great Movie Ride Refurb Based on This Abandoned Disney Concept?

Disney fans always say that Disney never really abandons ideas, they just shelve them for another day. Sometimes for decades.

This could be the case with the rumored Mickey Mouse attraction coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

The Great Movie Ride might be getting a “Mickey Makeover” that some Disney fans have pointed out bears similarities between it and a jettisoned Mickey movie ride from the early 1980s, designed by legendary animator Ward Kimball.

(Hat tip to Mark Thompson, who follows The Kingdom Insider on Facebook, for bringing this to our attention.)

A few years ago, plans from Ward Kimball’s estate were put up for auction on eBay. These plans depicted a Mickey Mouse ride called “Mickey’s Madhouse” with scenes that began in Hollywood and took guests (in what appears to be Mickey-fied versions of The Great Movie Ride ride vehicles) through the process of making an animated movie, and culminated with the vehicles winding up in a “screening room” very similarly to what happens on The Great Movie Ride.

Could it be that some aspects of that Mickey ride made it into The Great Movie Ride, and that Disney is just going back to the original plan after all?

See for yourself in the pics below (courtesy of Kingdom of Memories)…

With the The Magic of Disney Animation closed, and rumors of One Man’s Dream also closing, it’s possible that Disney will roll aspects of those two attractions into one big animation “studio tour” starring Mickey Mouse.

As much as I like The Great Movie Ride, the prospect of a ride honoring Disney’s roots in animation being the centerpiece of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is far more exciting to me than a ridethrough of non-Disney Hollywood movies. If Disney is finally giving their mascot a ride of his own, you’d better believe that they’ll throw everything at it to make it the best it can possibly be.

We’ll see if Disney makes an official announcement at D23 this weekend.


[Source: Kingdom of Memories]

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