Walt Disney World Transportation Hacks: The Resort Monorail

Disney World Monorail

Transportation around Walt Disney World can be a nightmare. Today we are going to leave Jack & Sally behind and move like Lightning McQueen (ka-chow) around the Magic Kingdom Resort area. Today’s report is on the Resort Monorail.

Resort Monorail

Picture it: 7 am; you’re in the van with 3 tired and cranky children, trying to make it to a 8:00 am reservation at Crystal Palace. If little Michael doesn’t see Tigger, he may have a complete meltdown. Upon arrival to the Toll Plaza at Magic Kingdom, you discover that there are hundreds of other guests waiting to do the same thing as you: get in the park early.
Fast forward through the NASCAR race of combining 8 lanes of traffic into 2, parking, then squeezing Michael, Theodore, Wendy and Mother into the tram. When you arrive at the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) there is a sea of people also trying to get the Magic Kingdom.

Pause. I’m about to blow your mind. Are you ready?

At the TTC you are herded by cast members into either the Express Monorail to Magic Kingdom or the Ferry.

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What if I told you there was another option? The Resort Monorail. You look over and see a short line and are a little jealous that those guests don’t have to wait as long in this dreaded Florida humidity. You would perhaps say, “But Lauren it goes to the resorts!”

Ah yes, it does, but it also stops at the Magic Kingdom! *pauses for effect*

The Hack

Today’s hack lies in the fact that you can hop on that resort monorail and get to the Magic Kingdom just as fast as if you were to wait in that dreadfully long line for the monorail or ferry. The extra perk? You will most likely all have a seat and not be crammed shoulder to shoulder as well. This hack also applies to when you are leaving Magic Kingdom at the end of the night. Hop on that resort monorail again and you’ll make one stop at the Contemporary Resort and then the Ticket and Transportation Center, most likely between waves of the resort monorail, so you may have a relatively short line for the trams as well.

I’ve used this hack personally several times. In some cases, it may take a little longer riding the resort monorail to the park in the morning. So if you are running late for a reservation in the Magic Kingdom, it might not be the best option for you. But I don’t mind it taking longer if I am in no rush, because I would rather not be crammed into someone I don’t know.

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End of Story

Since the ride on the monorail was quiet, and a little longer, the children were able to snooze for a few minutes while mother and father made a game plan for the day. Michael met his Tigger and they bounced into an enchanted day at the Magic Kingdom.

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