Why is Rey so powerful with the Force? New Star Wars comic might explain it.


Ever since The Force Awakens, Star Wars fans have wondered how Rey was naturally so good at using the Force. Some accused the character of being conveniently gifted with powerful Force abilities, going so far as to refer to her as a “Mary Sue.”

The question of where Rey’s Force powers came from was dodged in The Last Jedi, much to the dismay of many Star Wars fans. But now a new Marvel comic book might have some answers.

In Darth Vader #10, the titular Sith Lord faces off against Jocasta Nu, the… Jedi librarian. Nu was a blink-and-you-miss-her character that first appeared in Attack of the Clones that later went on to a slightly more prominent role in the Clone Wars animated series.

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Yes, yes, a Sith Lord facing off against a elderly librarian doesn’t seem like much of a fight. In fact, it sounds pretty laughable.

But it turns out that Nu has powerful fighting skills to rival her knowledge of (whatever they use in outer space instead of) the Dewey Decimal System.


Now, the really interesting thing about Nu’s dialog is that she says “The Force is eternal. It cannot be ended, it cannot be stopped” and “it will always find its vessels.”

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This bit of knowledge jives with the ending of The Last Jedi, where it seems that the galaxy is teaming with Force sensitive individuals and that the end of the Jedi Order was not the end of the Force itself.

So it can be assumed that Rey is so good with the Force because the Force still needed vessels, and that she may have been gifted with a crazy amount of power due to the Force needing to balance itself against Kylo Ren and Snoke.

Or not. Who knows? The new Disney Star Wars canon is pretty confusing.

Darth Vader #10 is on sale now in comic shops, or digitally through Amazon and comiXology.

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  1. Dude this is quite accurate and on the nose! And the new canon is not that confusing at least thematically, it has been enforcing the message that both the light and dark are needed.
    Without the Jedi to weild the light, there was only Luke (who disconnected himself from the force) which left only Kylo and Snoke.

    So yeah, this is a really good and accurate explanation.

  2. No she was just written by people with no regard of the lore. In TFA Kylo Ren flat out says to Snoke that she is UNTRAINED! I think that is pretty explicit and to the point. And TLJ only confirms this. If anyone has to “assume” why a character is the way they are, then you got a pretty bad written character on your hands.

    But TLJ tried to hand wave her abilities by saying she is “linked” to Kylo Ren. They both get stronger together because she is his balance of light to his dark. Except now the problem here is that Kylo trained and EARNED his skills. She just gets stronger without the training and not EARNING her skills.

    And the force has been in balance since ROTJ ended. Anakin restored the balance by killing off Sidious and ending Vader in the process. It was the Sith that caused the imbalance to the force. Since Kylo and Snoke aren’t Sith, they aren’t causing any imbalance whatsoever. Balance in the force doesn’t mean equal light side and equal dark side users. The prophecy Anakin was a part of was that he would destroy the Sith, key word here being Sith and restoring balance to the force. But these new films want to take this concept and just use it without knowing what it really means.

    And force sensitive people are born all the time. And have been and always will be. As Qui Gon stated in TPM that if Anakin was born within the Republic he would have been found earlier. So think about all the force sensitive people running around beyond the boundaries of the Republic at the height of the Jedi order. That would probably mean a lot of folks with a lot of potential to be trained that never did and lived their whole lives never reaching their potential to use the force. I hope you really didn’t think that the only force sensitive people were the ones that became Jedi/Sith etc?


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