Will Rey Lose Her Arm in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’?


[UPDATE: The image was proved to be fan art, and mistakenly credited as official art by the source. It’s still interesting speculation.]

Will Rey get a robotic arm in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Fan theories have speculated that this may happen, as thus far each trilogy has shown the protagonist losing a limb in the second act. Anakin Skywalker lost his arm in Attack of the Clones, and he subsequently lopped off Luke’s hand in The Empire Strikes Back.)

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And now there might be some concrete proof, as a photo was take of a new The Jedi Jedi poster in Disney Spring that features Rey… with a mechanical prosthetic arm.

Well, it looks like the smoking gun to me. Expect Rey to be down one limb by the end of The Last Jedi.

The Empire Strikes Back 2.0?

So far it’s sounding like The Last Jedi will mirror The Empire Strikes Back pretty closely. Hopefully it won’t mirror it as closely as The Force Awakens mirrored A New Hope, but it’s sounding more and more like it might.

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A ragtag group of rebels being ambushed on their home turf by Walkers on a white planet? Check.

A reclusive, reluctant Jedi Master in hiding on an isolated planet covered by all sorts of nature? Check.

The core group of heroes fro the first film being split up into two diverging storylines? Check.

A gambler/smuggler with dubious intentions being enlisted by the heroes? Check.

We’ll have to wait and see how it all unfolds in December!

[Source: Attractions Magazine]

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