19 Years Ago Today, ‘The Princess Diaries’ Was Released in Theaters! Will There Be a Third Film?

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“A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.” Queen Clarisse Renaldi, played by our beloved Julie Andrews, taught us all some very wise words of wisdom back in 2011. She taught us about good posture, the perfect way to execute a royal wave, and we must not forget that carrying small change is not very regal!

This Disney comedy written by Garry Marshall celebrates its 19th anniversary today, and we are still as obsessed with this film today as we were 19 years ago when the film hit theaters. The film is described on the D23 website:

Shy San Francisco teenager, Mia Thermopolis, receives the astonishing news that she is a real-life princess, the heir apparent to the crown of Genovia, a small European principality. Her strict and formidable grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi, arrives to give her “princess lessons,” but the two clash because Mia has no intention of leaving her normal life, and a budding romance, to become the ruler of a far-off country.

There have been whispered rumors over the last couple of years that a third ‘Princess Diaries’ movie is in the works, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet! Julie Andrews told Entertainment Tonight that she would happily be in another Princess Diaries sequel “if [Anne] would like me to be.” Hathaway also stated Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen: “There is a script for the third movie. I want to do it. Julie wants to do it. Debra Martin Chase, our producer, wants to do it.” We will just wait here in not so silent anticipation that Disney will announce the third film soon!

To celebrate the royal anniversary of the first ‘Princess Diaries’, here are a few fun facts about the film from D23:

  1. Both of The Princess Diaries films featured the motion picture debut of some of our favorite actors and actresses.

When Anne Hathaway was auditioning for director Garry Marshall, she accidentally fell out of her chair. Instead of it being an awkward deal-breaker, it was perfect—and it was one of the reasons why Marshall chose Hathaway to be Mia.

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2. The Princess Diaries marked Julie Andrews’ royal return to Disney

Julie Andrews hadn’t been in a Disney film since her starring role in ‘Mary Poppins’!

Image Source: D23

3. The Princess Diaries films were produced by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston, along with Debra Martin Chase and Mario Iscovich, produced both of The Princess Diaries films, as part of her production company, BrownHouse Productions.

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4. Director Garry Marshall snuck in references from one of his most popular films, Pretty Woman

There are various nods to Marshall’s Pretty Woman in The Princess Diaries films. For example, Marshall cast Hector Elizondo (as Joe, the Genovian chauffeur) in The Princess Diaries— their 13th film together. Marshall also pays homage to a cut scene from Pretty Woman (in the film’s blooper reel) of a real-life gaffe made by Julia Roberts. She ate a mouthful of palate cleansing sorbet by accident while filming, and Marshall translated that faux pas into a memorable scene in The Princess Diaries when Mia does the same at her first royal dinner.

Image Source: D23

5. The Princess Diaries was filmed at a practically perfect location

In the fall of 2000, The Princess Diaries started filming at The Walt Disney Studios lot on the stage of another royally revered Disney classic—the 1964 live action-animation film Mary Poppins. Both of these films starred Julie Andrews were filmed on Soundstage 2, so it was only natural to dedicate the stage as the Julie Andrews Stage in 2001. The dedication was a nostalgic and celebratory affair with Roy E. Disney, Richard M. Sherman, and Dick Van Dyke joining Julie Andrews at the event.

Source: https://d23.com/11-facts-every-fan-of-the-princess-diaries-movies-needs-to-know/