A New Popcorn Collection Has Landed on shopDisney!

Source: Disney

We all know that when we go into the Disney Parks, when the smell of popcorn hits us we immediately start craving it. Sometimes a friend will ask me if I want popcorn and I say no, and then right when I smell the buttery goodness I immediately change my mind. Why is Disney popcorn just so good?! Disney absolutely knows that everyone loves their popcorn, and so they did something not even I would have expected them to do. They now have made a brand new Popcorn merchandise collection! There’s not a lot of items in this new collection that has dropped on shopDisney, however the products they have come out with are so popping cute you’re going to want the full collection to complete your Popcorn Collection look! Let’s take a closer look:

Mickey Mouse Balloons and Popcorn Spirit Jersey for Adults 

Source: shopDisney

Float your way down to Main Street U.S.A. and The Happiest Place on Earth in this Spirit Jersey with puffy ”popcorn” Disneyland logo across the back shoulder, plus allover Mickey Mouse balloon print. This jersey is gives up some majorly fun circus vibes as well, don’t you think? You can also get the Walt Disney World version of this jersey here. ($74.99)

Minnie Mouse Popcorn Ear Headband by Loungefly

Source: shopDisney

These Minnie Mouse Popcorn ears have to be absolute favorite in this new collection! They are so much fun and they even have little popcorns inside the ears. These ears also stand out because of their popcorn scent and an imitation leather bow and band for a delectable look. ($39.99)

Mickey Mouse Balloon Popcorn Loungefly Mini Backpack

Source: shopDisney

Of course you have to complete every new Disney collection look with the Loungefly backpack! Savor the style of this mini backpack that’s sure to make your outfit pop! This new mini backpack is inspired by Disney Parks’ translucent Mickey Mouse balloon popcorn buckets and has a colorful allover pattern. Plus, it has a popcorn scent, just like the matching ears! ($85)

Which is your favorite piece of merchandise from this new Disney Popcorn Collection?