Alcoholic Beverages Coming to Blue Bayou!

Image Source: Disneyland

Well isn’t this the bees knees Insiders! Oga’s Cantina has been the only spot inside Disneyland to serve any alcoholic drinks, but according to the Disney Parks Blog new alcoholic beverages are now being added to the Blue Bayou menu!

Right before COVID-19 hit I tried the most delicious drink in New Orleans, the Hurricane Cocktail, and I am excited that this classic NOLA drink is now going to be on the menu at the Blue Bayou! Other alcoholic beverages will include wine and beer, or you may want to try the new celebration sparkling wine package. It also looks like they will be offering up new seasonal takes on the classic Mint Julep non-alcoholic beverage. All of these new additions will complement the menu (such as the Surf and Turf!) and theme of the restaurant.

Source: Disney Parks Blog

D23 has also announced that the Blue Bayou will be reopening sometime after Disneyland reopens, and they will announce the reopening date as soon as they have one.

Never been to the Blue Bayou? See one of our past reviews of the this amazing New Orleans-inspired restaurant here. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and is set inside the Pirates of Caribbean ride on the waterfront. Its dark-lit atmosphere, candle-lit tables and sounds of the bayou make this restaurant extremely popular. It’s definitely one restaurant experience you don’t want to miss out on!

Image Source: Disneyland

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