Anaheim Mayor, Harry Sidhu, Comments on Disneyland Reopening!

Source: City of Anaheim IG

The wait is finally over Insiders! After over a year of closure, Disneyland and California Adventure have reopened as of today! It has been one long year and now today the excitement in the air is contagious and everyone is excited to finally return the Happiest Place on Earth!

Even the Mayor of Anaheim had words today on Instagram for the reopening of the park:

Source: City of Anaheim IG

The full post reads:

This is a monumental day for Anaheim. We have all missed the joy of Disneyland, and we’re so glad to have that back.

But this means so much more to working families, small businesses, and our city.

The impact of having the theme parks closed for more than 13 months due to the pandemic has been devastating.

This begins our economic recovery and brings hope back to Anaheim.


This is such an emotional day for so many Disney fans and California residents. As Mayor Harry Sidhu stated in his post above, this means even more to Cast Members, working families, small businesses, and the City of Anaheim.

ABC News reported today that Guests cheered and screamed with happiness as they entered Disneyland, with gates opening an hour early at 8 a.m. this morning. AIR7 HD was over the park as fans lined up early this morning, with some camping out since the previous night!

We can hardly wait to go into the park and enjoy this special moment for ourselves! I will be headed to Disneyland Park on May 22 and you can follow along with my journey through the park to take part in all the fun! For now, we can all obsessively watch how much fun all the Guests are having over the next few weeks and dream about all the food awaiting us next time we head to Disneyland!

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