As a Result of Coronavirus- No Screaming, Yelling, or Shouting on These Attractions

Tokyo Disney Resort

Picture yourself on Walt Disney World’s Rock n Rollercoaster. You’re strapped in and your super-stretch limo (courtesy of Aerosmith’s publicist) is ready to go. You’re waiting in anticipation as the sign in front of you says all roads are jammed (everyone is headed to the Aerosmith concert, obviously!). In an effort to calm your nerves, you grip onto the sidebars, and you’re ready to rock and roll! The countdown begins, and the fans go wild- 3, 2, 1!  Immediately, you’re launched into a straight inversion. You just went from 0 to 57 mph in less than three seconds, with the power of 5G’s pressing against you. At that moment, the only thing louder than the screaming and yelling is Aerosmith’s legendary song, “Dude Looks Like a Lady,” blasting from all angles of the attraction.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Boy, I miss that ride, she’s a classic!

Screaming and roller coasters go hand in hand, but can you imagine not being able to scream on the Incredicoaster, Expedition Everest, or Tower of Terror? What about The Hulk at Universal Orlando Resort? I’m screaming before I even get on that one!

Unfortunately, that’s an experience many will soon have to face. However, theme park goers in America shouldn’t worry, as this new rule is being enforced in Japan.

According to the Orange County Register, screaming, shouting, and yelling are prohibited on Japanese roller coasters according to new COVID-19 health and safety guidelines developed by a national theme park industry group. The new guidelines are being enforced by the Japanese Theme Park Association. The same associations that represent major theme parks such as Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan

The Orange County Register is reporting that roller coaster riders are required to wear protective face masks and urged to refrain from shouting or screaming while riding, according to the trade organization’s Guidelines to Prevent the Spread of Infection of the Novel Coronavirus.

The theme park association is concerned that when a rider screams, microscopic droplets of saliva will be released from their mouths. All those airborne particles could fly onto riders in the rear seats.

The “no screaming, shouting or yelling” guidelines proposed by the Japanese theme park association also apply to indoor attractions and shows. Individual parks are not required to adopt the recommendations.

Tokyo Disneyland features beloved Disney attractions such as Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. Universal Studios Japan has the Hollywood Dream hypercoaster, Space Fantasy spinning coaster, and the Flying Dinosaur flying coaster. Can you imagine riding any of those, or any thrill ride in general, and not letting out even the tiniest scream?

No word yet on how the new rule is being enforced, or how it’s working, but we’ll keep you posted. Just for fun, whichever thrill ride I go on next, I’ll try not to yell, and I dare you to do the same!