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In 1987, Scott was working as a production assistant for Hanna Barbera Productions, on the “Foofur” and “Popeye and Son” series. When those series' ended in 1988, he received a call from a former Hanna Barbera colleague, and was asked if he wanted to come to work as a production assistant at Disney. He began working on the second season of the hit series “DuckTales.” Always involved in much more than simply what his job entailed, Scott even wrote a couple nationally televised commercials for that series. He later joined the production team of the “TaleSpin” television series as an assistant producer.While working in animation, Scott began taking pictures at the many Disney employee events, and became recognized as a photographer on the side. He soon had the opportunity to officially photograph many of the special events Disney held or participated in such as the American Teacher Awards, the Tournament of Roses Parade, the Disneyland Pigskin Classic halftime shows and much more. His photographs have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, books and other publications.Two books of Scott's photography were sold at Disneyland and the Disney Stores back in the '90s. With a longtime fascination of the beauty found in the details of Disneyland, each page featured a close up of one of those details, with the back of each page showcasing a wide shot of where it was in the park. For the second book, Scott was granted access by Disneyland to walk through any attraction of his choice to get the desired photos for his book.After leaving Disney, Scott remained involved in many capacities over the years, including writing more than 700 articles for the Disney Archives official website.Scott’s has a library of personal interviews he's conducted after he had opportunities to meet and have conversations with many Disney luminaries, and realized the stories were too good for his ears only. He started recording them to be preserved for all Disney fans to enjoy.Scott enjoys sharing Disney history on his mouseclubhouse.com website along with those interviews and his Disney photography.

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