‘Big Hero 6’ Shorts Coming to DisneyNow and Disney Channel YouTube

New Big Hero 6 shorts called Baymax Dreams are coming soon to DisneyNow and the Disney Channel Youtube account.

Disney Television Animation is launching three short “films” that will be two-three minute each, based on the movie Big Hero 6, beginning on September 15.

The shorts will be directed by Simon J. Smith (Penguins of Madagascar) and will feature Baymax and his various dreams, including electric sheep from the image.

Using traditional gaming technology rendering programs, Disney is working with Unity Technologies in making these shorts. Disney has been exploring a lot of gaming ideas for film lately. They even made a short film in VR recently called Cycles.

Unity posted a video today on YouTube about the project:

Isabelle Riva, Head of Made with Unity said:

Disney and Unity Technologies have joined forces to prove that you can make TV animation with our creation engine.

Simon Smith discussed how using gaming applications can enhance the film making experience:

Working in Unity is like having every department at your fingertips. The results of Unity’s parallel, nonlinear workflow and real-time rendering meant we were able to make Baymax Dreams in half the time — allowing us to spend the other half on experimentation and the creative process.

My first thought about using gaming technology to steam-line films is that it makes it much easier and quicker to take those models and pieces and turn them into games, VR (virtual reality) experiences, AR (augmented reality) experiences, etc. Plus it would allow for a lot things to be done simultaneously.  It must be what they are thinking too because JR Grant, Senior VP of Production and Technology, Direct to Consumer and International for Disney said as much according to the Hollywood Reporter:

“JR Grant, senior vp production and technology, direct to consumer and international for The Walt Disney Co., added that Unity could also help the company to produce content across multiple platforms.” To “advance the storytelling ethos.”

Anthony Accardo Director, R&D, Direct to Consumer and International for Disney also said:

Once you’ve created assets, you can use those sets and those characters in other experiences.

Again that would speed up production on multiple platforms significantly. When it comes to places like YouTube and gaming, speedy content really does matter.

Disney is investing more and more in gaming and companies associated with gaming as an investment into the future. All of this can translate into multi-platform entertainment experiences that people can enjoy at home, on their mobile devices, on their computers, and eventually in the parks. That’s where everything is headed and It’s really very exciting. I truly look forward to seeing where it all goes!

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Source: Hollywood Reporter, Unity on YouTube