Bob Iger got Disney into the Streaming Wars, and He’s Here to See it Through

When Bob Iger abruptly stepped down as Disney’s CEO (a move I’m still struggling to understand, as it was done on a random Tuesday at 4:00 pm), he reassured all of us that he would still be at the company, but in a new role. He promised to focus more on the creative side of things. We’re just now finding what his first task will be.

Disney Plus. That’s right, Iger’s new role as executive chairman will have him focusing directly on the streaming service. Which many have noticed, hasn’t been doing as well as it once was. At least I know we aren’t alone in questioning Disney Plus these last few months. The need for adult content on there, and more original series is extremely vital right now. Especially if they want to compete with Netflix.

Disney Plus saw over 28 million subscribers in its first three months, thanks in large part to the hit series “The Mandalorian.” Season 2 of the Star Wars series will debut this October. I loved The Imagineering Story, heck- I gobbled up every episode as soon as it came out. But there’s been zero mention of a season 2. What about “One Day At Disney,” you ask? I watched that one day, and didn’t return to watch it for a second day. What are subscribers going to do, to fill that void until Baby Yoda is back in our lives? Hopefully, that’s what Bob Iger will figure out.

Disney Plus has over 50 scripted and 50 in-scripted shows in development but is it too little too late? The Lizzie McGuire revival series were abandoned because the company had issues with the darker tone of the former and the more mature subject matter of the latter. Disney Plus has said that Lizzie McGuire is currently on hold rather than being officially cancelled. Which has put the show’s stars in an extremely awkward position. Hilary Duff has went on Instagram and tried to plead with Disney about the fate of her own show. She asked for them to move it over to Hulu, rather than keep it on hold with Disney Plus.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Iger will reportedly be tasked with repairing the service’s somewhat chaotic behind-the-scenes development environment to help Disney Plus reach its potential and meet the goals or promises viewers and shareholders.

What’s your opinion? Do you think there needs to be more adult content on a Disney Plus?