Bring Home the Bounty The Mandalorian™ by Thomas Kinkade Studios

Insiders we are very excited to announce that there is a new bounty in town all new Thomas Kinkade Studio Art is here just in time for the holidays!


Thomas Kinkade Studios is proud to partner with Lucasfilm to reveal all new home décor in the Bring Home the Bounty merchandise collection, the featured image we are excited to show you is “The Mandalorian™ Two for the road Gallery Wrapped Canvas”

Thomas Kinkade Bring Home the Bounty The Mandalorian™

This image is one of my absolute favorites because it describes the relationship between Grogu and the Mandalorian in the sweetest way here is a note from the artist describing the inspiration for the art piece. “Grogu™ and the Mandalorian™ have had quite the adventure so far, and some harrowing and touching moments along the way, but up until now Mando’s rules and code are not to be broken even when it comes to the Razor Crest™ and especially not playing with the ship’s knobs. The simple gesture of Mando giving his charge his favorite distraction shows how far he’s come and how close he’s grown to his companion as this bonding moment solidifies their connection. To me this moment is a culmination thus far of this “lone wolf and cub” relationship….or even close to a father and son…”

Thomas Kinkade Bring Home the Bounty The Mandalorian™

“The Mandalorian™ Collection presented by the Thomas Kinkade Studios is a series of Limited Edition Art that captures iconic scenes from each chapter of the Disney+ Star Wars™ live-action series. Each work of art brings beloved characters and stories to life with the luminous techniques the artists of the Thomas Kinkade Studios are known for. This historic collection marks the first set of paintings published by the Thomas Kinkade Studios to include the artist’s signature.”

Are you ready to go on a new adventure with The Mandalorian™?

This wonderful new addition features everything we love the story between Grogu and The Mandalorian. In the latest The Mandalorian™ Collection by Thomas Kinkade Studios, you will follow along with Mando and Grogu on many of their adventures through the series that we have all come to know and enjoy watching along.

Thomas Kinkade Bring Home the Bounty The Mandalorian™

What are your thoughts on this newest piece of artwork added to the  Mandalorian series?

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