Bring Some Magic to Your Kitchen with the New Le Creuset ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Cookware Set

Source: Variety

Christmas is right around the corner and so it’s time to make a list and check it twice to make sure you don’t miss putting anything on your list this holiday season! One thing definitely not to miss is the new Le Creuset Harry Potter-themed cookware collection. This set has items that every Potterhead would absolutely adore and would make cooking in the kitchen a little more magical.

“The experience of cooking and sharing a memorable meal with loved ones is pure magic,” Le Creuset chairman Paul van Zuydam said in a statement. “Chefs and Harry Potter fans alike will now be able to express their inner creativity as they transform humble ingredients into spectacular dishes.”

This new collection features 10 different pieces and includes a special version of Le Creuset’s signature Dutch Oven that brings a whimsical twist to each of the enamel pieces with references to the film’s beloved characters and Hogwarts houses. In this new set there’s something for every type of chef no matter what House they belong to. Here’s a look at our top five favorite items from this collection:

Harry Potter Signature Round Dutch Oven

Harry Potter™ Signature Round Dutch Oven image number 0
Source: Le Creuset

Like “The Chosen One” himself, the Dutch oven responds well to fire and heat with exceptional heat retention ideal for everything from slow-cooking and braising to roasting, baking, frying and more – from stove to oven to table. The easy-to-clean vibrant enamel requires no seasoning and is designed for generations of durability.

Quidditch Signature Round Dutch Oven

Quidditch™ Signature Round Dutch Oven image number 0
Source: Le Creuset

Expertly crafted with the finest quality materials, the Quidditch Dutch Oven’s inspired design and exceptional heat retention lock in moisture and flavor to produce superior results. From stove to oven to table, this iconic Le Creuset Dutch oven is ideal for entertaining Chasers, Seekers and Keepers alike.

Hogwarts Express Kettle

Hogwarts™ Express Kettle image number 0
Source: Le Creuset

Outfitted with a gold, single-tone whistling spout, the kettle is detailed in Hogwarts-related accents like the lid’s gold knob, which bears the number of the series’ most famous train platform: 9 ¾. Like that magical platform, the kettle promises a quick escape—and a piping, steaming cup of tea—for wizards, witches and Muggles alike.

Hogwarts Houses Potholder

Hogwarts™ Houses Potholder image number 0
Source: Le Creuset

The generously sized double-handed potholder features a quilted cotton lining and nylon barrier for extra insulation. Crafted from premium textiles, Le Creuset’s protective kitchen incantation helps prevent burns, stains and accidents for all wizard, witch and Muggle chefs.

Spellcasting Spatula Set

Spellcasting Spatula Set image number 0
Source: Le Creuset

Ideal for use on nonstick and porcelain enamel cookware surfaces, with a simple “swish and flick,” this Oyster-colored, non-abrasive Spatula Set will help the witches and wizards in your family create magical moments and recipes.

Isn’t each cookware item just so gorgeous? There are so many different magical pieces in this French cookware collection, and while they do have a bit of a hefty price tag on them, you can tell they are very well made and will last every good cook and baker a long while. Other pieces from the set include mugs, a dessert plate set, rectangle covered casserole, a spoon rest, and more! You can shop the entire collection here and below is sneak peek at the entire collection.