California Governor Vows Not to be “Pressured” to Open Disneyland

Earlier today, California Governor Gavin Newsom addressed his ongoing disagreement with theme park operators over state orders that are keeping them close, and the backlash he’s faced.

Newsom stated, “we should be concerned about opening up large theme park which, by definition, people mix from all possible walks of life and putting ourselves and others at risk of seeing transmission rates rise.”

Noticeable absent from the Governor’s vocabulary was the word, Disneyland.

During the press conference, Newsom was asked about the backlash over the shutdown of Disneyland, and he answered the question without even saying the “D” word. Newsom told the room, “you bring up one theme park. California has dozens and dozens of theme parks. You bring up one particular operator of a theme park that does things very very differently than other operators.
You have theme parks that are really cities, that operate hotels and restaurant facilities, not just organize around carousels and other amenities. You see others that are out on beaches and boardwalks that a very very different.”

Newsom vowed not to be pressured and reminded those at the conference that California is and will remain driven by data and science. As well as, they are going to be driven by public health first.

“Respectfully,” continued Newsom, again referring to but not naming Disneyland, “deep respect, because I understand as someone with 4 young kids the reverential identity they have with one particular brand that you are identifying, and their desire to be entertained.