The Association of Zoos and Aquariums recognized 3 Cast Members in their “Connect Magazine.” The animals in their care are perfect examples of the wonder of nature!

The Facebook Page of  “Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment” Team recently recognized the three talented Cast Members in a post about the AZA Photo Contest that took place last year. All three were featured in the December issue! 

Animal Keeper, Jennifer LeBeau snapped this shot of a springbok at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Jennifer stated: “I had been wanting to get a nice photo of Trovan for a while. On this particular day everything lined up. . .the lighting was perfect!”

Trovan, The Springbok, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge -Image Source/Credit: Jennifer LeBeau

Advanced Guide, Julie Callihan, received an “honorable mention” acknowledgement in the Magazine for this photo. A western lowland gorilla gathering food around Gorilla Falls at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Julie said: “The light created a silhouette on him (Spike) and made the valley look so cool.”

Spike, The Western Lowland Gorilla Disneys Animal Kingdom-Image Source/Credit: Julie Callihan

Animal Keeper, Sugein Goss, captured this Blue Crowned Laughing Thrush at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. The Blue Crowned Laughing Thrush is critically endangered, only around 300 are left in the wild.

Sugein explained: “The laughing thrushes are always very curious. I was doing bird inventory and they came over to me, probably checking to see if I had any bugs to give them.”

Blue Crowned Laughing Thrush Disney’s Animal Kingdom- Image source/Credit: Sugein Goss

Disney’s Animal Kingdom received accreditation from The Association of Zoos and Aquariums, during the closure, April of last year. The AZA is a non-profit organization. They represent over 240 facilities in the United States as well as overseas. AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums meet the highest of standards in animal care and welfare. They dedicate millions of dollars every year for scientific research, conservation, and educational programs.

To learn more about The AZA, visit their website HERE . And if you would like to know where you can find Disney’s Animals at Walt Disney World, and learn more about them Click HERE .

A big Congrats to the three beautiful photographers!

Till next time, Insiders!